Hosting Paradise

We encounter a great opportunity to share our own view of life with others. We started  investing our time with many special people from all around the world to expand our culture and show our legacy to the world.


The view of “Mingos Wedge from Hollows” Arecibo

This is how we live our daily lives under a magnificent sky that captivates the senses. Follow us in this journey to our Paradise.

Puerto Rico is somehow affordable in many ways but there are other things that are not cheap. For example a vehicle rental with toll sticker and gas. That is why we are compensating travelers in a different way. We offer one of the most affordable rates in the island.

$  Great bang for your buck $

We rent this listing for our guest fully equipped as you can see and our starting price is $16 USD fluctuating depending on the season but mostly not more than twenty. Only $7 additional for each extra guest. We can accommodate up to 3 guest adding up an air mattress but is usually more comfortable for 2 guest instead.  You can’t beat that! ….One of our vacation rentals below!

One important thing is to stay comfortable while keeping it affordable. Our hosting “services” will allow you to stay on budget while having the best out of your travel experience.

Stay Longer!

This particular listing is a fresh and fully remodeled room with two windows and two doors, Tee & coffee station, full body mirror, wall hangers, towel dispenser, rugs,  Air conditioner, dining table for two, a lap top friendly office table, a sofa, Smart TV for your Netflix and WIFI!

We added extra touches such as male cologne and female perfume that you can definitely use if you desire.

“Lap Top Friendly”


“Extra touches”

Tee & Coffee

While many other business offer very attractive “beach front” locations compared to us; always consider the following:

Their price tag per night goes exponentially higher!

Sometimes other places price will start from $80, $150, $200 and even over $300  dollars per night!

The reality is that in a “cost efficient point of view” most likely  you won’t really flight all the way for “vacations” to the “Caribbean” just to stay inside a “house” and spend all your budget there!

In other circumstances the answer might be “YES”

You may want to settle and relax with an ocean view and to be in a pool all day. That privacy felling will get you in a  great relaxing mood. You will not have to drive or go anywhere and that is fine but, for the more active entrepreneur adventurers that “might not be ideal” Sometimes is better to move around and explore.


Road 681

Most vacation rentals are up to (6) six Guest using an example of a 3 bedroom property with one or two beds per room. There you will be paying starting from 80 on a simple property and any other near to the ocean with a small pool or Jacuzzi will be around $170 or more but for 6 people it’s reasonable. 

Compare other of our listings bellow mostly for under $20

Room A with private master bathroom

The view to your private bathroom

Room A

My traveling strategies are more on the adventurer side adding action. Challenging the guest to be able to explore, interact with the culture learning about our places, food and activities instead of staying in one single place waking up to the same every day.

You can explore Caverns one hour away from us

Cavernas del Rio Camuy, Camuy

I would suggest the following

“balance the locations and the activities”

For example, surf, visit the caves and have a nice dinner!

You want to have that beach front experience?  Then book ahead and lock your dates and make sure to hit those 2 or 3 days and at least “second or first” on your list.

Why second on your list?

That beach front will not be the best “bang for your buck” if you are a single or a couple…you can use that money to book experiences instead.

A beach front will be a deal for groups of “six” or more but not for one couple.

That beach front will get a good portion of your budged. To avoid “spending” all your money in “one single location” use this tips.

La Boca, Barceloneta

You can go to the beach to explore or just relax

get a more affordable place for your first couple days to set roots, confirm your plans, gather and buy those extra things you may need while resting that “jet lag” to become ready to hit the road hard!

Local Mofongo with fried pork meat, Puertorrican Style.

You can have that Caribbean cuisine lunch called mofongo

Get some local food and leave the fast foods and Food chains for later…

Above Biftec with rice and red beans & Octopus Mofongo with “criolla” sause

Our hosting rates will allow a couple to settle and to explore the surroundings for an entire week for about $200 including the advantage to be able to cover a minimum of  “7 seven surrounding towns”

catch that awesome sun set on camera only 25 minutes away

Cueva del Indio, Arecibo

You can exit the sun set and snap a photo

La poza de Don Guelo, Arecibo

This will include more than 20 awesome locations between sea, rivers, waterfalls, restaurant and other private tours that are available near and all within less tan one hour drive.

You can book an adventure rafting in The Tanama River in Utuado

Tanama River, Utuado

The next day you can visit the Globe at Jayuya

Jayuya Globe

Go to the many waterfalls

Gozalandia, San Sebastian

Stop by the side of the road on the way down 

Once you get close to the end of your vacations you should book closer to the airport and visit the Old San Juan, Chill for a day or two.

Old San Juan

Down bellow “El Morro” kite day

El Morro

EL Morro

The Old San Juan is a famous old city of history and Colonial Architecture. You must visit “El Morro” and the San Cristobal Fortress. There are also many Bars, Pubs and Clubs, Art and Stores.

Old San Juan , Senior Frogs

Senor Frog San Juan Puerto Rico

Once you are in San Juan you are one hour away from El Yunke National Rain Forest

Don’t forget to visit it!

Our business model makes it possible for you to accomplish your goals and we also help you to turn it into a very productive one..

Here we want to share other really great locations that unfortunately are further away from our listings but we encourage you to visit

Book a Catamaran  Boat! It will be worth it.

Visit this places.

Gilligan Island

Catamaran Fajardo

Book a jet ski

Sky dive in Arecibo

Sky dive Arecibo

Guiligan’s Island in Guanica

Playa Famenco in Culebra


Cabo Rojo Light House

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