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Welcome to our Video Film Advertisement Services Blog section. Here we will share important information about us, our services and our customers.

In 2020 we decided to include a new service branch aimed for business entrepreneurs and professionals. Our main company headquarters, Western Caribbean Properties LLC in Aguadilla, P.R. sponsored us engaging directly with our team’s platform for the creation of our video film & advertisement business.

Complementing you ideas with our creativity

Complementing our customer’s goals into our workflow helps us to focus on a strategy to create and provide professional & creative video content solutions for different industry businesses. Merging our creativity with the best filming technologies, gear, and strategies allows us to create and deliver a quality product to our clients successfully.

Licensing & Contracts

Our video film products include all documented audio licensing & contracts eliminating related liabilities allowing your advertisement business content to be used freely, confidently and widely on any social media platform or website.

Lisencing Resources

If you are a content creator or you are looking for great quality audio licensing you can check out one of the best license membership programs on the market and start your own membership any time. If you just want to create and account for a “free trial” feel free to use the following link description:

Here our team will share the 5 most valuable marketing strategies when filming, and what to consider before creating your content.

The 6 most valuable marketing strategies when filming

#1 Educating our clients

This information will educate our clients about the tools their business should be using today to advertise, promote, and sponsor their services or products succesfuly.

Our Goal

#2 Your goal is also our goal

While we all witness the recent economic reset caused by the global lockdown health crisis, we decided to create a proposal to help our communities and to contribute to affected local businesses to reach their goals. One of the initial proposals included an affordable and almost “no-cost” solution to advertise businesses and to assist them to engage directly with their clients by promoting new or already existing products or services.

Business & Economical Contributions Proposal

The proposal will choose 10 qualifying businesses including service industries, venue industries, product industries, and institutions involved in the creation of a positive environmental and of social impact among others.

The proposal qualification will only require in most cases a “donation” that will be used for the purpose of “fundraising” to improve our proposal’s contributions to accomodate new and already affected businesses with the goal to boost the local economy. The proposal will also serve to sponsor our affiliates for the Fine Arts Students Program.

Businesses & Industries qualifying for the Business & Economical Contributions Proposal.

Touristic Services Marketing
Local Services Marketing
Venue Services & Venue Managers Marketing
Health & Wellness Services Marketing
Local Brand Products Marketing
Local Gastronomic Marketing
Events & Music Venue Marketing Educational Institutions Services & Marketing
Documentaries & Interviews Services
Environmental & Social Services

Going back to the 6 most valuable marketing strategies when filming, and what to consider before creating your content

#3 Use Social Media

Your business should definetly use and create content sutiable for social media. While some succesful stablished businesses never used “social media” as a publicity tool in the past, social media was not as popular and whidely available. Back then most of their business succes were the outcome of expensive broadcast advertisements and client refferals.

Social Media images: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Google, Bloggs, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Search Engines, PBN’s to trick google, Leveregae Influencers, Find the right influerncer on your niche, Affiliate programs, Use Email Marketing Sequences to inform interested potential clients, Automated emails once they subscribe, logo etc.

#4 Creating Your Social Media Thumbnail Image

Considering today’s tecnology, afordability and the inmense online traffick on the internet, social media’s correct approach is a powerful tool of endless oportunities that will allow your audience to learn about your company services, products and opportunities.

#5 Hiring Professional Social Media Manager & Influencers

Many businesses will also often consider to hire a professional social media manager or even other useful affordable marketing options. One short term & effective affordable option is to hire influencers closely engaged and related to your “niche” content.

Hiring influencer services and using their public image to promote and sponsor you business or products will definetly boost your online content and increase your audience engagement and traffick.

#6 Build a Relationship with your audience

Many businesses introduce themselves to the public by presenting a business or product informative brief. That is great but you should not leave it there. It is like “judging a book by it’s cover”

Building a good relationship with your audicene is key to educate them about your products and services.

By updating and posting useful content frequently, you will educate your audience about your business by creating an interactive enviroment. This strategy will attract well informed customers determined to engage into business with you.

Tell your customers why your business is their best choice and how your business offer a solution to cover their needs.


We want to thank one of our sponsored students.

George is one of our sponsored affiliates for the Fine Arts Students Program. He recently finished and online course for color grading correction and is working with us on different programs including the Business & Economical Contributions Proposal.

As a student he is attending the online course offered by Color Grading Academy and already completed the Adobe Premiere Color Grading course certification.

Color Grading Academy is an online course offered by the professional and famous colorist Denver Riddle President of Color Grading Central. Denver Riddle worked on many cinematic films and some of his clients include Sony, Amazon, Turner, NYU, Zappos, Temple University and more. If you are interested in learning more about Color Grading Central you can access their online courses below.

As a freelance photographer and content creator he started working with us a year ago and created great content for us. Below are many of the works he produced for other clients.

We gave George the opportunity to contribute by creating all the image content for this blogg section. In the near future he will continue to work with us and he told us he will be exited to create video film advertisement content for us and our clients.

Feel free to contact us for any inquires.