January 2020 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

The surfing spirit is up.

The earthquakes were causing many locals to panic. The islanders are not used to the fact of a natural manifestation like that. Old government structures faced serious damages including schools. Only two fatalities were reported.

Even when this has become worldwide news visitors and foreign locals enjoy their daily lives normally.

Aguadilla, Rompe Olas beach.

While a weekday this beach isn’t crowded the other side of this city by the cliff was.

Surfer’s Beach was the real news of the week.

Surfer’s Beach, Aguadilla.

You can always start a great day with a nice breakfast in one of our rentals minutes away from the best beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Breakfast mourning in our rentals
Longboard rider visiting from Florida.
Local Bodyboarder, Juhn.

You can book a room like this one for 4 guests for around $40 USD per night or the entire house for around $65 USD

Give us the opportunity to host your vacations in the island.

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