Forgotten Paradise

Our island has so many beautiful places. Many forgotten, others underappreciated and unfortunately undervalued. We challenged ourselves to change the perspective of many things about our surroundings. Follow us to see what we see in this “forgotten paradise”

Aguadilla, Parque Colón,

This magnificent view was captured last week on January 2019 in the late afternoon past 06:00 pm early sunsets. Some of the beautiful trees that fell after the intense swells during “Maria” are now in the water creating a different seascape.

Because there is always something beautiful abouts things

There is something special about this place that attracts new people everyday and also the same people like me everyday. Many fishermen come here to heave their nets out of the water while other launch their jet skis for the adrenaline rush.

La Marina, Aguadilla 2019

Been one of the fastest cities to become restored after the devastating hurricane; Aguadilla is now updating the scene on all aspects. The experience of becoming a beach life citizen transformed my life in no time.

Want a place?

Try this one

This new Airbnb listings is at walking distance from the beach really close to our blog’s photos

Link to book this place below:

Walking distance location from our new affordable listings

Walking at night from our place to “El Varadero” bar

Best Gyros in Town

Gylros, Aguadilla Pueblo

This Bar & Restaurant is one of the best nearby places to visit for a relaxing beach walk. Enjoy a sunset and the music while having a drink.

Cutting the Lamb

Serving Drinks

Living room Daybed

I can’t wait to share all the details with all of you in my next post.

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