This is the mourning view of the sun rise from my “family property”

I wake up to this view every day at home. Then I realize that a new day is about to start.

I get ready to meet up with you and I am very exited that I will be able to share my experiences.

Here you will be able to grasp and idea of what kind of activities  we usually experience. All you need to do is to use your imagination by looking at the photos. Been a photographer myself I always make sure to “capture time” to be able to make that everlasting moment that become immutable.                                                                                   “To share it is my passion”

for me is a matter of having the power to “stop time”

.The afternoon road to paradise for one of our “tour” locations

There are only a few things you will always keep in life.

From “beaches to water falls, from kayaking to rafting, from zip lines to snorkeling, from taking a selfie and “day dreaming” to making it “real” ..It’s not too far to accomplish!

Everyday has its own beauty

Are you Curious?

Our daily life in the island is usually very laid back and we are always looking for something fun & productive to do.

“Your memories will be one of the few things you will keep forever”

If you are energetic and motivated enough you could be able to have a great experience doing almost everything. A real blast!

Book Affordable good places. Very important.

Great price mostly under $30

Become inspired visiting the ocean.

Sometimes is just a matter of attitude and not necessarily a “money thing” Many people confuse to have money to have a good time but having a lot of money doesn’t mean you will have fun all the time.

I remember the best years of my life when I was a teen and guess what? …I was “broke” 

The beers are ready!

Telling you this details about my life back in the day shows a very good example on how to keep it affordable but fun at the same time. This allow you to enjoy most of the “free” things in life .

Make sure to rent a vehicle or buy one! Just get something!

Moving around the island besides the city it’s very challenging without a vehicle. Our hosting listings are affordable allowing you to use that extra “cash” to rent a reliable vehicle!

Most of hour touring locations are open to the general public and anyone can visit those places. I always encourage to research important information related to your “hang out” on how to get there and “want things to do or not to do” in order to have a safe awesome experience.

This old sugar cane factory  can be seen of the side of the road
For some closer action you will have to access private land

For us a perfect day of relaxation starts by waking up early and having a quick “breakfast”

It could be at our place or at any other secret locations before getting the day started.

Hart waffles with shredded almonds and organic local bee Honey, home made.

Scrambled eggs with veggies, cheese & water base bread with jelly.

Buttered toasts 100% homemade.

Soon after you will be on a journey that most likely you will never forget.

Many of hour tours can be design in a way that you will be able to hit the road and get the best of more than one place in a day.

Once you are set in the perfect accommodating spot next to the shade, your grill gets the charcoal “on fire”

The ocean water is at walking distance and you will be able to set a “hammock to swing”  to read or for a nap.

The occasion will be perfect to snap as many pictures as possible documenting your awesome day.

Get your camera ready to shoot!

You do not need an outrageous expensive and bulky camera to capture your journey but make sure to have what you need and as compact as possible.

Keep it safe and I mean your belongs.

Do not take with your important stuff that you don’t need.

Don’t become a victim of “smash & grab” All you have to do is be smart and take with you only the things you really need to have a good time. If you have too many things but you are by yourself maybe you will need an extra pair of hands and eyes as well.

Do not leave excessive attractive valuable items inside your car in a visible spot. Instead drop your gear at home and then go shopping. Leave your passport at home and take with you a debit or credit card with some cash. Hide it inside the vehicle if you are away for hours and this will keep your money safe. “This will save you a big headache, believe me”

Link to this listing below:

Others might want to bring their entire camera gear including drones for shooting events such as; surfing contest or just for freelance bloggers.  If you are doing this don’t go for shopping or for a fast food burger right after leaving your vehicle loaded with expensive important gear.

Not paying attention to your vehicle while eating distracted could lead you to lose the content inside including your surfboard, camera, wallet and more. Sometimes is better to pay a local to use their property parking lot.

You never know who is willing to take the risk of braking inside your vehicle to get your expensive belongs or camera equipment.

This is why you plan your day in a very smart way to stay away from those types of issues.

Get your sun block ready because 15 minute will burn you up!

On that photo my friend Joseph Vega is shooting surfers with a $2000 monster lens… for his website

He is going home right after that

One of the things that you will take with you once you are gone are those photos from that adventure. Make sure to do your best if not, “we can do the photos for you”

You might end up surfing all day

Some Travelers choose their dates knowing they will be here when a nice swell is hitting the shore. The island always has great waves except from the months of May to July when is flat. That is also the Hurricane season months with huge random swells and those extend further.

Classy day with  Chelo, local surfer at “las duchas” EL juez

Las duchas reef brake is only 30 minutes away from our listings!

Now that you know the risks and that you planed your day you are ready!

The day will go by and you will be able to relax, swim, surf, wonder or shoot with your camera or phone. You will enjoy the many things that you will be able to see while having a great grill waiting for your preferred grilled foods.

Free access to this secret spot
It’s dinner time for a “MOFONGO” and time for a Beer!

You might be able to find some Coconut cured Puertorrican Moonshine, literally the bomb!

For most places you will be allowed to bring your own drinks including alcohol. Just make sure to take the trash left overs with you. We try to maintain our beaches clean.

Once the day comes to and end the fun is not over and you will be able to experience more but only if you are able to keep up. Once you are out with all of your belongs you will be back home in less than one hour getting ready for a dinner special and may be a night out.

Our local area is not as wild and strong party like the city capital but near by our place are a few places that you can definitely go, listen to music and have a couple beers.

If you are a wild traveler and a wild party animal you might be able to drive couple hours to a nice Pub or night Club. Mostly you will be so exhausted that you will rather plan a separate day for that intense “Caribbean music fest party”

For the romantic couples or those who like to meditate….the sun set is absolutely outstanding!

Local couple on one of our photo shootings

Some people just don’t give up easy and they crave for more.

What I suggest?

I just go to the beach at night. Yes, I go during the night and to do “night photography” and specially if there is a “thunderstorm” at sea

Thunder storm at sea

At this moment I am sure that you are ready to go back to your room down bellow, shower and sleep!

Room ready for the guests.

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