Paradise Blog

This stunning sun set can be captured any day of the year. 

This blog will take you to the most secret and unrevealed places that anyone looking for a real adventured will pay for. Here we will share all this secret locations to all of our blog readers.

We will be discussing important information of many historical locations and monuments from the Industrial Revolution in the island from back in the day. Many places will be deteriorated and others will be presented renovated. We will also cover information about our natural resources and the many reef barriers surrounding and protecting our shores against high seas and strong waves.

We will cover many towns like Barceloneta, Manati, Arecibo, Ciales, Florida, Utuado, Camuy, Quebradillas, Isabela and Aguadilla among others.

In the present many community elders consider many of this places as undervalued “forgotten treasures” 

Low tide by “Isla de Roque” Old Sugar Cane Merchant Dock 

Despite the lack of efforts by the local government to maintain the areas; those who appreciate history and the beautiful art of nature enjoy this place for fishing, surfing, photography or just to relax with a beer at a sunset view like this one.

This location is one of many where the Native Taino Indian lived in ancient history dated back in 1493 when the Christopher Columbus Colonization took place and the so called “discovery” more than 524 years ago.

In this place there are many secret hidden things. Minutes away from this sighting there are other more predominant hieroglyphics places that are off limits occupied by the US Federal National Parks such as “El Yunque” rain forest.    

For those who are interested in learning more about this experience and many other fascinating historical facts and locations around our island in “Puerto Rico” Leave any comments or questions and we will reply.

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The Island of Puerto Rico is a “US Common Wealth Territory” and if you are American you don’t need a passport to come but if you are from other citizenship nationality you will need a  Passport to fly here. You will also definitely need a vehicle….

Once you travel to the Island you can stay with us as part of your journey or during your entire trip. Our place is one of the few most “affordable and safe” near by locations on a budget. Some seasons our rates will start under $20 per night and you can book 3 months in advance.

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