The Journey Begins

Playa la Ezperanza
This is a Pure Paradise location. Natural Reserve to many crustaceans

Today’s blog starts with the beginning of a rich history that involves the culture of a local community in the Caribbean that thrived but changed trough the years.

Our history engages with a view from many angles and including the fact that “surfing”  is been a great sport and soul healing mechanism using the ocean as a living being by it self. This place above shares both if not many powerful energies and is a beautiful place that can only be describe as a paradise.

This place can only be accessed by two ways. One way is swimming across the river where it meets the ocean with a powerful dangerous current and the other way to get there is driving all the way around an additional 20 minutes to the next town.

Almost at the end of the dirt road before an off limits occupied “Native Taino Indian National Reserve” owned by the “US Federal National Parks” this is what you will find. 

This is a great seascape location to explore with your family and relax

As you walk into the beach bushes you will listen to a rock crunching sound and if you pay attention you will see hundreds if not thousand of the so called “cobitos” 

 The “Cobito” is nothing else that a small beach crab that walks the sandy coast eating wild almonds and who knows what else. There is a reproduction season and when that happens they emerge in massive amounts into the water. This beautiful crustacean is found in many shapes, sizes and colors all over a few locations in the island. Be careful because if you don’t pay attention you may walk over them by mistake. 

The view of  a sun rise; right over “MACHUCA” walking 2 miles away
This view is  from the other side of the river this is the “swimming side”
Surf’s Up!

“This place in only 30 minutes away from our Air B&B  listings turning this place into a great place to visit for surfers, photographers, travelers and many other adventurous”

We know how to get you around there quick while using your travel time wisely. This beach has two different names but not too many people know where or how to get there.

One name was given by the local surfers or community people and the other name is given by those who know the place for the swimming and bathing attractions. When you approach from the driving location is called “La Ezperanza” meaning “The Hope”

When you get there swimming on your surfboard crossing the river until you reach the other side walking over the sea shells for about a two miles is called “Machuca Gardens” 

It is an adventure, believe me!

The name “Machuca” or Machuca Gardens” was given to this surf break after one famous local surfer entrepreneur’s name Jorge Machuca.  Many top surfers used to call him the “wizard” and he started competing at age 15 and around 1967 he became one of the first surfers in the island to discover and surf the “Reef Garden

Exploring a beautiful beach coast on a sunny day he found what it is “the perfect right wave barrel wall of crystal clear water” You can literally see the reef bottom when you are paddling in.

La esperanza / Machuca Gardens from the “driving side”

We offer hosting services trough Airbnb at a near location minutes away. Our listings are perfect for singles , couples or groups including bloggers or photographers offering you everything you need.

The Island of Puerto Rico is a “US Common Wealth Territory” and if you are American you don’t need a passport to come but if you are from other citizenship nationality you will need a  Passport to fly here. You will also definitely need a vehicle….

Once you travel to the Island you can stay with us as part of your journey or during your entire trip. Our place is one of the few most “affordable and safe” near by locations on a budget. Some seasons our rates will start under $20 per night and you can book 3 months in advance.

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